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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q & A: Adding Pictures to your ArcGIS Explorer Map

QuestionHow can I insert a personal photo into a pop-up for a feature I've added to my map?  

First, know which ArcGIS Explorer you are using, DESKTOP(AGXD) or ONLINE (AGXO).  The rules are different for each interface.

Second, here are the rules...

  • Save your personal photo in an online service, such as Picasa.  It needs to be accessible from the web.
  • When you have saved your photo online, you can edit the pop-up window. This way it doesn't matter which interface you use (AGXO or AGXD).
    • AGXD: Just click that little pencil icon in the bottom right corner.  Drop in the URL of your photo.  Save it and you're all set.  You can also add a local path to a photo but remember you'll need to open the map document on that same computer for it to show up. (see
    • AGXO: Click the create features button, place the feature (point, line or polygon) on the map, click the feature, in the bottom right corner select edit and edit pop-up.  Drop in the URL of your photo on the image URL line. Click OK.
  • You can add photos in ArcGIS Explorer Desktop (AGXD) to be used in a presentation, a URL in a pop-up and to customize the symbols(markers).
  • From Esri AGX Blog on How to customize a symbol
  • My version of the instructions: You can customize a picture to become a marker...instead of one of the stock icons.
    • right-click the place name in contents
    • select symbols
    • select manage symbols
    • browse to your picture
    • ok
    • then on the appearance tab, select the new picture as your symbol

    In the example picture above, I've used AGXD to make my marker unique and added a URL of a personal photo in the pop-up window for that point feature.

    It's really easy and offers some great opportunities to share information geographically!

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