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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Interesting Facts: Authors, Words and Books

Thanks to a recent email from a friend who knows I love cool and quirky facts, I found yet and quirky facts from the fun folks at Mental Floss.  Some of these could be excellent fun as we approach the end of another school year.

Twain's Typewriter
Authors and Their Typewriters
I'm thinking this is a great way to talk about the creative process and the tools you use.  I still love writing ideas down in a small notebook, even though I'm a self-proclaimed techno-geek.

Authors and DIDJAKNOW?
Now these are just fun things that make you say, "Hmmmm." master...REALLY?!?  Apparently, yes!

Making Up Words? 
According to my students, I'm famous for this skill.  They named my language "Duke-ish." Ol' Sir Isaac Newton himself invented his own language.  That's not bad company!

And if you want to be proper, here's a spelling and grammar video for you.

Spendy Volumes
Here's a stack of books that will cost a little more than those you find at the yard sale!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Reading, Writing and Thinking for Any Gadget

book cover image for reading, writing and thinking around the globe
I've been busy making books accessible in multiple formats over the last few months.  My book is now available in digital PDF, Kindle and of course the good ol' print version.  In the coming weeks look for all the Carte Diem Press titles in multiple digital formats for your easy access to geospatial curriculum!

The whole team at GISetc is working hard to bring you everything you need to be geospatially successful in your environment...great deals on Esri Press books, buttons and fun stuff as well as solid lessons and activities for any age or environment.  We even encourage you to get outdoors with our GPS books!

Worried about the standards and how you can integrate geospatial technology and geography? Then, worry no more!  We have you covered on the standards as well!  All of our books are aligned to the Technology, Geography and Common Core ELA standards!

If you need books in bulk, they've got you covered too!  Just zap an email to the staff and they'll quote you a bulk discount.

Stay posted on all the latest from GISetc as well as free resources by liking our Facebook page or joining the list to get the latest info and resources once a month or so.