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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Q & A: How do I add *.gpx files from my gps unit to an online map?

Charlie Fitzpatrick presented an excellent webinar last night!  One of the things that he demonstrated was adding GPS (*.gpx) files to an online map. An attendee asked me for some detailed instructions, so here you go.  It's REALLY easy to do!

In Esri's Map Viewer:
Drag and Drop
  1. Go to Click Map at the top.
  2. Open your File explorer in windows. 
  3. Drag the *.gpx file from your Windows file explorer to the middle of the map.
  4. Poof!  It will add it to the map and zoom to that location.
Add the File
  1. Go to Click Map at the top.
  2. Click the add button.  Select Add layers from File.
  3. Click choose file.  Navigate to your gpx file. Click ok.
  4. Click import.
  5. It adds the file and zooms to it.
In Esri 's ArcGIS Explorer Online:
  1. Go to
  2. Below the featured map images, select Start ArcGIS Explorer Online.
Drag and drop works the same.
  1. Drag the file from your  Windows  explorer window onto the map.  
  2. A box comes up that asks about importing the file.  Choose what's correct for your data.  
  3. Click okay and it zooms to the file.
Adding with the Add button
  1. Click the Add Content button.
  2. Click the Import tab.
  3. Choose the type of file.
  4. Navigate and select that file. Select it and click ok.
  5. The same import box comes up that did when you do the drag and drop.  Select what's correct for your data.
  6. Click ok and it adds and zooms.

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Joseph Kerski said...

To support what you are saying, Barbaree, I have 2 videos that I have created on this topic:


I hope these are helpful.

Joseph Kerski