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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Thank a Teacher

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!

My thankful story begins in First Grade with Mrs. Pate.  She was kind and sensitive to the unique personalities and abilities in her classroom.  She encouraged me to move beyond the boundaries of first grade reading and exposed me to my first chapter book, Charlotte's Web.  Mrs. Bankester in Second Grade taught us with music...we sang our way to learning.  Mrs. Carpenter made multiplication facts solid as a rock in Third Grade and showed us that learning could be fun and interactive.  Mrs. Bretz made me feel comfortable in a new school in Fifth Grade.  Mr. Duren and the band programs made school matter for me.  Because of his dedication, I saw potential in myself and found confidence in an intimidating school environment.  And finally, from my Baylor days, Dr. Wortman gets the nod for most influential.  He took a chance and believed in me when I couldn't see a way.  For me, the most memorable teachers are the ones that helped build my confidence and made me feel like I mattered, that I had something important to share with the world.

For all my teacher friends, don't underestimate the power you have on young lives.  I'm blessed to have known so many wonderful students and thanks to inventions like Facebook...they have found me again.  What a lovely gift to know that little me made a difference!

And to those of you who aren't "officially" teachers, don't count yourselves out...we are all "teaching" lessons in life to the people we work with, the business that you support, or the customers that you serve.  Who "taught" you something valuable and positive?  Who do you "teach" everyday?

So...thanks to all my "teachers" and teachers!  I'm a better person because of you!