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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ESRI User Conference 2007: DAY 4

The last day was a busy one for me....since I was presenting. Dr. Shannon White and I talked about Curriculum and Mapping. One key concept is what I'm calling "georeferenced curriculum". We talk about finding connections in the curriculum for geography and spatial thinking. What I'm really talking about is "georeferencing the curriculum" just like we might georeference a picture so that it lines up with the data. We need the curriculum to be georeferenced to our mapping two cents worth!

Our session was rounded out with Martina Forster who is working the the Centre for GIS and Remote Sensing in Rowanda. She's embarking on a trememdous effort to bring GIS to the students and teachers of Rowanda! Exciting work happening all around the world!

The next session showcased the work of the Rural Center for STEM at James Madison University. Dr. Bob Kolvoord presented a curriculum project that's available online at I've been writing GIS activities for the Rural Center. A group of teachers will be working with the activities and utilizing them with their students this summer and fall. Then we heard from the folks at CIPE on sustaining GIS. Finally, Dr. Shannon White and Luis Perez from the Florida Center for Instructional Technology shared their work on Podcasting for professional development. You can admire their work at

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Shannon said...

Luis has created some helpful documents about Podcasting that can be found more specifically on the FCIT website at the Tech-Ease site:

Video Tutorials for Mac users are found at:

Video tutorials for Windows users are found at:

There is also content found in iTunes. Look under the tab for iTunesU >> University of South Florida >> College of Education >> Tech-Ease.