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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ESRI User Conference 2007: DAY 2

Day 2 for me started with Environmental Learning projects. The folks at Science Approach ( shared their work with CIPE, Ocean Explorers and the Teams. Check out their work at They were followed by Lauren Young from Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi who shared her Master's project work. She's created lessons and experiences for students and teachers involving their watershed in South Texas. I believe she's right on track with her "Where do I live?" activity and the "Follow the Water Drop" activity. I'll be interested to see what comes of her research. The final presentation was from Lyn Malone, a well-respected collegue in GIS in education. She's always busy working on multiple projects. You can find her at . She shared her work with the Narragansett Bay Coyote Study. Don't miss the Coyote Mapper! Great work, as always, from Lyn!

The rest of my day was consumed with more computer lab time, raster data, and the Curriculum Development SIG. Then, dinner with friends made it the perfect day!

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