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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Driving GIS in Education

Stuck at home on a snowy and icy day...working on my upcoming presentations and lessons...

Question of the day is: What is driving GIS in Education?

Industry perspective?

Curriculum perspective?

Teacher perspective?

Data or curriculum?

Are there other things driving the content that is produced?

What does the community need over what's being done?

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I really like the questions you have asked here. It is not an icy day in Tampa but after writing a report I needed a little more GIS in my life and went back to this blog posting.I think this is really a place to start when thinking about integration of GIS in education and where it stands in the moment.

The industry has been very supportive of educators in pricebreaks, creating communities, guest speakers in classrooms etc. However, educators have busy schedules and often forget it is a two-way street. The industry needs research and proof of concept.

In what ways to we give back? Is it simply that we are a part of marketing and hooking kids on the tools? Or, I believe it should be that we are helping identify data needs, creating unique data sets and contributing to GIS and geospatial technology fields in ways that the industry doesn't think about on a day-to-day basis.

Curriculum perspectives vary with any instructional technology. The 21st century student doesn't need button pushing, they figure out the technology in a matter of minutes or they collaborate to locate how a technology works. What they need is guidance regarding geographic, geospatial and content area connections.

Well that is my two cents for this Sunday morning from 28.06 (28°3') | -82.40 (-82°24').