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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To Grandmother's House We Go, again

Do you remember that song?  My students just look at me like I’m crazy if I start singing it.  I was thinking about the world of the song’s creator vs. today’s world.  What elements of geography can we examine through the poem?  Where did the grandparents of this folks song live? 
In case you have no idea what song I’m referring to, here’s a couple of links to jog your memory.

So let’s think… ( I know, alert the media!)

The poem was written in 1844.  What did the US look like at the time? 

Here's a map of the United States and lands from 1845 at the David Rumsey Map Collection online:  You can play with the map here also.

This writer was passionate about ending slavery.  What did slavery look like at that time?  Here’s what Mark Twain’s world looked like. This is an informative, interactive map.

The Virginia Experiment GIS Projects are excellent if you’d like to explore various history related topics:

You could create your own GIS map to look at agriculture, precipitation, forests and rivers!  You can use a full GIS program like ArcGIS or a virtual globe such as ArcGIS Explorer.  (These maps are available online at  

So based on your explorations, where was grandmother’s house?  Where is your grandmother’s house and how do you get there?  What would your song lyrics be?
Think about Thanksgiving from a new perspective!


KLukens said...

LOVE this!! Going to use tomorrow, although can't resist sharing the lyrics my siblings and I made up when we were young (actually I'm sure we got this from somewhere but I just remember singing it as a child.)

Over the turkey and through the pie
To Cranberry's house we go.
The horse knows the way
To carry the sleigh
Through the white and drifted mashed potatoes!

Over the turkey and through the pie
Oh how the jello does glow!
It tastes so sweet
We think it's neat
as over the turkey we go!

What an interesting map THAT would look like . . . where is largest turkey production, potatoes production, jello production??

Barbaree Ash Duke said...

Love the family creative version!

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Barbaree Ash Duke said...

Thanks for the kind words!