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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pirates off the port bow! A new GIS activity

We're pleased to announce new additions to the Rural STEM GIS curriculum collection 

1.  We've added a new activity on Global Piracy

2.  We've ported all of the activities in the collection to MyWorld (so now you can choose ArcMap, AEJEE or MyWorld versions).

Bob Kolvoord and Barbaree Ash Duke

Bob Kolvoord, Ph.D.
Professor, Integrated Science and Technology and 
Educational Technologies
Co-Director, STEM Education and Outreach Center
James Madison University
MSC 4102
Harrisonburg, VA  22807

+1 540/568-2752 (o)   -2768 (f)


BlackpollWarbler said...

Does this application teach the children about the overfishing and illegal dumping of toxic and nuclear waste off of the coast of Somalia that led the inhabitants to venture into the sea and protect their livlihood in the first place?

And does it ask not why the pirates have captured a boat destined for Nigeria from (X European country) but WHY THE BOAT CONTAINS ARMS, TANKS, AND OTHER destined for Nigeria???!!?!

Barbaree Ash Duke said...

It has students examine a data set of pirate activity in 2007 and what government and economic conditions are more prone to piracy. They read an article/interview with a modern day pirate king that discusses what drove him to piracy. Logical extensions for this lesson are to discuss those items you mentioned with students...or to include the GIS activity as an extension to your study.